Tuesday, October 17, 2017


Today after morning tea Miss Ashley old us to go straight to room 8 and wait there.When we got to room 8.

Miss Morrison told us to go in a circle and look at the tv and when we looked at the tv we saw a piece of art which was “amazing!!!Miss Morrison told us to guess how much it costs and other people started saying “100 million”

“200 million” and Miss Morrison  gave us a clue it was between 100-148 and finally someone guessed it and it was less than i thought it would be but it was a good price and he named it 1948 which is weird  but he his art by the year he makes it and finished it.

After that MIss Morrison told us to guess what's his name,and we got one clue Miss Morrison asked joshua what his favourite singer was and he said "Michael Jackson!!!"
"Whats his last name"Miss Morrison said
"Jackson"yelled joshua

and Miss Morrison spelled out a name and i read it and said "Jackson Pollock"After that MIss Morrison showed us a demonstration called splatter art it is like when you just splatter art randomly and using different types of colours such as vibrant colours cold and hot colours as well but mostly Jackson used more of dark colours than vibrant colors.

After we got to know more about Jackson Pollock Miss Morrison decided to do a demonstration on what we were going to do later on so after she did the demonstration we learned a couple of tricks on how to splat or splash it on the piece of cardboard later when we go outside on the grass and the only reason that were going on the grass is that because when we do it on the courts it is harder to get the paint out and if we do it on the grass it would be easier.

So now after we learned all the instructions we finally lined up and walked quietly outside on the grass and Miss Morrison told us to get into buddies or go by yourself and i choose to go by myself and after
we parked or not paired up we still started and Roy started giving out a whole bunch of cardboard and we got 10 seconds to find a stick and after we finally started and i used different vibrant colours and some dark ones but it looked so crazy when i finished and the most funniest part was that most people got paint all over our body and it was very silly and at first i thought it was boring but when i heard that we are going to do art i got super excited.When everyone was finished we headed to a line and went back to room 8

Monday, October 16, 2017

Today it was red nose day all of us had to wear red and the fun part what we were going to do we were going to play red nose day games outside on the field.Room 7 didn’t know what to happen in the games and what games are we playing anyway we all headed to the field and room8 was joining us too. There were three coaches here today to teach us some games,they all welcomed their names to us and talk about what we were going to play then got started into it and we had coach Alen for today and he said that when he blows the whistle we have to freeze and stand still for our safety.

The first game we play was catching the flag it seem weird but it was like this so we get into 2 groups they were called blue and green the teams.There was 4 hoops so the groups had to split up in half but they were saw working together.

Everybody had to try and take a cone from another team but there was defenders that can hit people on the back to make them go back to their hoops and start again.After all the teams having so pressure running and running  around and our eyes were vividly as we were running but  all of our heart was pounding like a blazing trampoline As  we were having a lot of pressure coach Alen blow his whistle and everybody catch a breath and the fun part for me was that my team blue won but green was so good so coach alen tells us to” head off to the other game” he tiny shouted.  

The next game that we played for Red nose day was noodle hockey, coach Allen was just explaining to us kids(Room 7) how the game goes so their are different coloured dots and we have to stand on one of them and here were six coloured dots to stand on purple, orange, green, blue, yellow and lastly red, there are two goals were we need to run to and grab our noodles, we use the noodles to hit the ball which was in the middle, and lastly the coach (Coach Allen) has to call out any colour, if that person who is standing on the coloured dot has to run to the other team's goal and grab the noodle, after coach Allen explained who the game works we played I quickly sprinted to the the coloured dot blue, “Yellow and blue!”Yelled Coach Allen, I quickly sprinted to the goal and grabbed a noodle I ran up to the pink ball and whacked it as hard as I could, the game almost took forever.

I was so tired so I stopped and trudged back to catch my breath, I felt my heart pounding and I was pressured. On the last round when everyone got called, so we all ran to the goal to grab a noodle and chased after one ball, I chased after the pink ball and whacked it as hard as I could, I started sweating because of the blazing hot sun and after chasing the pink ball I chased after the big sun ball which was hard to whack because since it was light the heavy wind blew it outside of the square, “Ok everyone come in,” said coach Allen, so we come in and that was the end of that game, after having lots of fun playing noodle hockey we went on to the next game Rugby tag.

After we played the noodle hockey we played our last game which was rugby tag.
Rugby tag works like this:there are to teams and one teams gets the bands and the other team doesn't get bands so we can tell which team was  which,after one of the team has the ball and that has to pass the ball to get the other team out but you can only get the team out when the ball touches the one person on the team,and the last rule was you cannot move with the ball and when you get out you have to take out your band/put on a band if you get out..

Finally we started the game and the team with the ball started passing the ball player to player and it was very tricky to catch them because i couldn’t catch my breath while i was blazing out of the balls sight and it was really tiring but it was really fun even though my team didn’t get a turn on passing the ball around it was still worth it.After a couple of minutes we finally finished the game and Coach Allen told us to each get a red nose from the box and we said thank you then we headed of into a line and back to class Red Nose day is the best.

Merielle-The most amazing part of red nose day was when we played the games and what it meant + we get to fundraise for the people who have diseases and who have illness.
And for the people who are sick i hope they get better and i hope they get stronger god will guide you i hope they are safe and we will raise money.

Hiria-the best amazing part about red nose was the games it was cool and super fun it was so good to have a bit of excitement in fun it was great also my favourite game was catch the flag i very enjoy that time on red nose day it maybe the greatest day ever in my life that was big day for me i am blazing sweating.

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Hevani- Red nose day was the best I really enjoyed it, it was amazing I enjoyed it so much that I wish we did this everyday I really enjoyed played around and I got to meet Coach Allen it was fun but my favourite game was noodle hockey, I really enjoyed red nose day.

Word study

Today after the roll we had a challenge called the blindfold challenge and she explained how the game works and what are the rules of the challenge because some people were still new to this challenge.

Miss Ashley's first instruction was to find a buddy and sit down after we found  buddy and my buddy was Hiria.My back had to face the heater and Hiria had to go in front of me,the second instruction was to get a blindfold and put it over you buddies eyes so she won’t see a thing like  outer space,after that we had to lead the directions and i think that she would trust me to lead the way and it was very difficult to do because Miss Ashley scrambled the furniture all around the class so it would be more of an obstacle,last but not least was to get our buddy all the across the obstacle and to touch the blue wall.

After Miss Ashley did the rules and the instruction which was complicated to understand we finally started the game and Miss Ashley had to call the names of the person with the blindfold and they can start and i hope Hiria trusts me because i think to myself that i am not good at directions and maps.

It was very difficult and frustrating to see how many steps it take to get here and there to just touch a blue wall but finally we made it(actually she did)and she took her blindfold of and ran were the board was and she tied the blindfold to see and it was very dark and i felt very dizzy and it gave me a little bit of a head ache and i was distracted  by the sound i heard and after a couple of minutes i finally made it i could not believe we were the last ones but the thing was that we had fun and it was like i had been webbed by a spider but no matter what happened i still made first or last it was still worth it.

I felt very amazed as i opened my eyes it felt like  had been sleeping in a fabric coat.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Ako evening

Today was Ako evening we had so much display boards  and there was a lot of parents coming in and out.
The display boards took a lot of time to do it.
The Games display board had a lot of things you can play with like

Playing elastics.
Syraiah-lee waiting for her sketch

 and the parents participated to paint  as well
Thankyou parents for coming.