Sunday, May 28, 2017

Should Zoos exist?

Should Zoos exist?

I think that animals should be kept in zoos because  scientist can study the animals so we can know more about them their health and their habitat.

Even if we have a Zoo's animals are still endangered and are almost going extinct
And dying from different types of ways such as:Starving to death,getting shot,getting killed by other predators and some animals can’t survive on their own like babies that's why we need Zoos.
If animals  were in the wild they will get killed for example an elephant hunters kill elephants for their tusks.

We need Zoos so that scientist can learn more about the animals health,habitat and see if its they can entertain us like a circus they tell animals to do tricks and other cool tricks.Some other people when they see any injured animals they help them because that animal is almost dead.

The best part of Zoos are that they know the habitats of where the animals go and live.Zoos have breeding programs as well
Which  helps the animals from extinction.

The best part for the kids in the Zoos is the petting zoo for kids to have fun and the animals that are in the petting zoo is not dangerous because their not predators.


  1. Hi Merielle, this is a very good post and story at TPS for your first time, but as you reach a new year level you should try to re-read your stories and make sure your punctuation on point, you could also focus more on the work then the picture. But good job for your first time :D.