Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Should phones be allowed in schools?

   In my opinion i think phones should not be allowed in schools because they could give you headaches. I also believe that cellphones should not invented for young children because they are not mature enough and it is their responsibility to take care of it.

I feel that if you have a phone it will still not help you because you will get migraines and it will make you really dizzy and really sick,on the other hand children are to immature to use phones anyway because it will not help them with their learning and will distract them from doing other fun things that don’t include phones or any technology and other things  in this situation it would be best to not give phones to your children if you want them to learn better.
I think that cellphones is only invented for the people who are older and  not younger but however some people decided to buy phones for their children when their not in the right age,on the other hand they could have just given their children toys like the toys that will help you learn instead of inventing phones they could have invented toys that will help children learn  and know more things like animals they can know more without cellphones or without searching.

I this situation kids should be more careful and responsible for their phone and organized for having their phone like adults it's their responsibility to take care of their phone however children are different from that because some children their to immature enough they don't take care of it  very much so that's why you shouldn’t give phones to your children,on the other hand some children ones they get their phones they don’t take care of it that much anyways.

Therefore this is why you shouldn’t give phones to your children when they are still immature and that’s the point of the whole thing.

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